Special Programs

We offer yoga as alternative support for various medical ailments. Based on your medical history and doctor’s recommendations, we offer a  specific, tailored program for your physical and mental health. Some of the problems we offer yoga for are: Spinal problems, Cardiac rehabilitation, Asthma, Allergy, Sinusitis, Vertigo, Diabetes, Hypertension, Cervical problem, Lumbar problem, Joint problem, Hormonal imbalance, Skin disease, Incontinence, Insomnia, Obesity, Gastrointestinal problem, Heartburn, Bloating, Pain Management, Addiction, Mental imbalance, Anxiety, PTSD, Menstrual problems, Nervous problems, Autoimmune problems, Reproductive organ related diseases and Cancer.



Jala Neti – Gives relief from asthma, sinusitis, allergies, bronchitis, migraine, and headaches

Thopukarnam – Activates the brain, leads to neurological alertness.

Beneficial for children especially those with disabilities like autism, dyslexia, ADD, adults with Alzheimers, etc

Bhastrika Kriya – Purifies the blood, increases lung capacity, and also relaxes the whole system

Nadi Shuddi – Uses the breath to bring balance to the fundamental branches of the energy system

Yoga Namasakar – Stretches the spine and reduces the damage caused by age

AUM Chanting – Uses the universal chant to bring about psychological and physiological benefits

Food and Nutrition – A deep yogic perspective about how to eat your way towards health and wellbeing



Keeping holistic growth as our focus, this program is specially designed for children to enhance both their physical agility as well as their curious young minds. This program focuses on enhancing attention and memory through simple yogic practices taught using an interactive and engaging pedagogy. Ideal for schools, small groups of children, this program can also be customized on an individual basis for those who are looking for specific benefits.


Many women need to be able to manage their families, homes and take on big responsibilities at work. To be successful in these areas of life while staying relaxed, joyful, and productive requires a balanced internal system. With this in mind, we offer programs to bring such stability and tranquility, so you can function at your best on a daily basis.

We also offer prenatal program specially designed for pregnant mothers.


This program offers specific intense yogic practices and dietary advice that helps in reducing weight and toning of the body. Plus, you will not need any equipment. All you need is a six-by-six space on the floor.

The results are individual and highly depend on the commitment towards daily practice.


It is very important that the spine is exercised. Otherwise, it will become rigid and useless. If you do not exercise it, your ability to experience life decreases dramatically. So it is important to keep the spine sensitive, flexible, well-aligned, and mobile.

This package is designed specific intense yogic practices to stretch, activate, relax and strengthen the spine.


Kick back, take time off and relax. We understand stress at workplaces and have designed a program specifically to help you relax those tired eyes, stiff shoulders, aching backs, ticking clocks and tired minds. With our Corporate Relaxation program, we offer simple yet effective yogic practices and meditations that will leave your body and mind recharged and rejuvenated. Easy to learn practices that can be done within office spaces, this program comes highly recommended for IT and software companies.


Contact us to arrange a special weekend retreat for families, corporates, tourists and groups looking to de-stress and relax. We offer retreat programs in India and Australia.

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