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Yoga + Nature Awareness Program for Children

A fun-filled two-day that instils a love for nature and the power of yogic practices in growing children

Yoga for children offers a unique possibility for every child to experience a joyful blossoming of their natural potential. The program introduces yoga to children, led through an exploration of fun, love, and joy, allowing each child to develop and live in optimal health and inner peace.

About the Program


In a world where kids believe strawberry to be an ice-cream (not a fruit!), it’s imperative that we introduce them to nature and instill a profound sense of love.

We will be taking kids for nature walks as well as farm trails.


To get to understand how food is grown, how many lives it enriches before coming to your plate, and understand how the whole eco-system works in tandem is something to cherish for a lifetime.

People tend to think farming with green fields, and yes, it is green, but don’t forget the brown-y stuff that makes it lushgreen!


Once a child begins to experiencing the world as one, naturally they will start being more responsible without the need for any morals.

Isha Hatha Yoga (designed by Sadhguru) is a step in the right direction for the physical and mental wellbeing of your child.

Participants of Children’s Yoga programs often experience enhanced concentration and memory, more focus, and improved mind-body coordination. The practices learnt help prevent obesity, asthma, sinusitis and other chronic ailments.


Kids will indulge in delicious vegetarian yogic meals comprising of fruits, veggies, and nuts. Whether your kid is addicted to Lays or not, s/he is going to love positive pranic food. Good food doesn’t have to be boring and we’re tad sure they will ask for such wholesome meals when they get back!


As Sadhguru says, being a sport means you are willing to play. If there is anything that is truly close to a spiritual process, in the normal course of life, that is sports.

Playing a game gives you an understanding that without absolute involvement, you cannot be successful. You have to play as if your life depends on it. For the growth of the children, it is very important that they learn to be playful.


Jan 18th and 19th, from 9 am to 6 pm

Both the days are mandatory to attend


Ceres Community Environment Park, Stewart St &, Roberts St, Brunswick East VIC 3057

Age Requirement

Kids between ages 07 to 14 years – no prior exposure of yoga required

Arrival & Departure

Its a two-day program without accommodation.

Parents are requested to drop off kids by 9 am at Ceres and pick up the kids at 6 pm.

Parents are also requested to attend the closing session of the program at Ceres on Jan 19th, between 5.30pm to 6pm for a brief orientation about post program care/support.

About the Venue

CERES – Centre for Education and Research in Environmental Strategies, is an award winning, not-for-profit, sustainability centre located on 4.5 hectares on the Merri Creek in East Brunswick, Melbourne.

CERES is a place for community-based learning and action to create environmentally beneficial, socially just, economically satisfying, culturally enriching and spiritually nurturing ways of living together.

It is an eco-conscious effort that practices, promotes, and supports wholesome, conscious living.


The daily itinerary would be yoga sessions (Surya Shakti, Pranayam, Aum chanting — designed by Sadhguru) interspersed with activities like nature walks and  learning how to eat right kind of food.

Educating children how to live sustainably and how food is grown, how many lives it enriches before coming to your plate, session conducted by experienced and passionate educators at Ceres.


$375 per child

$325 per child, early bird offer till Oct 30th


✢ Healthy sattvik vegetarian meals would be provided for lunch and snacks on both the days to all kids. They would be able to appreciate how food is grown and be encouraged to imbibe a healthy lifestyle and make right food choices

✢ No prior exposure of yoga is mandatory to attend this program

✢ Electronic gadgets like mobile phones, cameras, video games, iPods etc are not allowed during the program — the idea is to disconnect from the devices and engage with nature!

✢ Participants will be taught yogic practices like Surya Shakti, Pranayam, and Aum chanting. All these practices are designed by Sadhguru

✢ Our team is well equipped to take care of the needs and safety of children and have successfully organized many retreat programs for children before

✢ If your child is slightly off the age criteria and still keen, please get in touch with us to discuss

✢ If the child is having any health or behavioral challenges, then please get in touch with us to discuss before registering.

✢ We will be able to accommodate a small batch. If you are keen, then please register early to reserve your kids’ spot

✢ In case of any queries, please do contact us at 0414091693