Inner Engineering Offer

A Special Offer for our Hatha Yoga Participants

In an age where raising human consciousness is of utmost importance in the world, it is Sadhguru’s wish that the tools of Inner Engineering are available and accessible to anyone seeking to take a step towards their inner transformation.

As part of this vision, we want to offer this possibility to our participants to experience these tools for themselves. A special offering for attending a Hatha Yoga Program* with us. On completion of the program – you will be eligible to receive a special invite for Inner Engineering Online on a Pay-As-You-Wish basis. The value of Inner Engineering Online course is $150.

* Applicable on completing any of the following Hatha Yoga programs with us:  

Surya Shakti | Surya Kriya | Angamardana | Yogasanas | 21 Days Hatha Yoga