Inside a Yogis Kitchen

Inside a Yogi's Kitchen

A yogic perspective on food to boost energy and take charge of your health!

What to Eat and How to Eat?

This program is designed based on the guidlines by Sadhguru on food. What you eat determines how you are in many ways. Learn simple diet secrets used by yogis to live a healthy life. If you to learn to eat right, health and well-being is just a byproduct and not something that you need to aspire for.


This workshop is for you if you have any of the below questions on your mind.

What’s the relation between food and sleep?

Could vegetarian diet be sufficient?

I can’t live without non veg. Any options?

Raw or cooked food? Fresh food or packed food?

What constitutes a balanced diet?

How much water to drink and when? Warm water or cold?

Which food to avoid and which to include?

I have a hard time fasting. Is fasting really needed?

How to eat and approach the food we are consuming?

What to eat to stay alert throughout the day?

How many times to chew the food?

Any quick healthy recipes I could make?

How many meals to have and when?

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