What to Eat?

In every class I conduct, a common question is what diet I follow to stay flexible?

Flexibility depends on various things like food, activity, stress levels. Food certainly plays a big role in how our body feels on a particular day. If you pay attention you will notice that when you eat more fresh food and, fruits and vegetables you feel very active and energetic. If you are interested in your wellbeing and that of your children, you must ensure that the food you eat is fresh. In the yogic culture, we always consume cooked food within 1.5 hours after it comes off the stove. If any later, inertia will set in. If you eat food that creates inertia in the system, you will lose all your dynamism.

In the yogic culture, we always consume cooked food within 1.5 hours after it comes off the stove

In yoga, we do not look at food in terms of vitamins, minerals or proteins. We categorize food in the three following ways – positive pranic, negative pranic, and zero pranic food.

Sadguru has said that positive substances are those which add prana to the system when consumed. The pranic energy, the vital energy in the body, will increase. if you consume negative pranic substances, they take away from the system.  They stimulate the nervous system but they take away your vital energies. Zero pranic food neither adds nor takes away. It is only eaten for taste.

What I eat everyday – I eat two meals a day, brunch and dinner. After my yoga practices, I drink millet kanji (kanji is like porridge but little watery. It can be either sweet or savory). Eat brunch at around 11am and dinner at 7pm. Rarely I snack in between meals.  On the days I am teaching I need to stay active and alert so I eat only fruits, soaked ground nuts, and kanji during the day and I eat a proper meal only for dinner. I try to include as much raw food and fruits in my meals. And always eat local and seasonal foods.

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